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THE south of france



Do you want to clarify urgent life issues? Professionally or privately?

Are you struggling with a decision?

Are you longing to get off your mental merry-go-round?


That's exactly why FIND YOURSELF exists!

Because you long for clarity. Because you want to finally be with yourself again.


Trust me when I tell you: the answers to all your questions already lie within you.

You just have to pluck up the courage to bring them forth - and start your journey to yourself.



Take a break from everyday life and find YOURSELF in the inspiring Provence!

Experience the positive influence of nature on your well-being. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, we are one of the sunniest places in the world. Here you can draw energy and vitality, find peace and new strength. For those who would like to walk a section of the Way of St. James: It leads directly past our estate.

You can expect a varied 5-day program with individual coaching sessions and workshop units that will lead to new impulses, ideas and perspectives.

Gain inner balance, clarity and joy in a unique atmosphere, in a small group with like-minded people or on your own with me.

Whatever you need right now or want to change for yourself - here you will find the trusting space, the time and the support. It's all about you and your needs.


  • find out where you currently are and what you would like to change.                                                                   

  • look at your issues and questions from different angles and re-evaluate them in an inspiring environment.

  • recognize what is really important for you.

  • increase your self-awareness and develop your potential.

  • build your strength and self-confidence for necessary changes.

  • find yourself again.

Enjoy the benefits of a tailor-made six-hour programme per day.


This includes individual coaching sessions, predefined modules and optional extras as well as customisable downtime. The programme consists of a combination of coaching, workshops, walks and talks, reflection, training sessions and creative work.

To address the mind and soul and body, I am also supported by certified yoga and meditation teachers. The property has a boules court and a swimming pool, and for those who enjoy horses, there are riding stables next door. Hot air balloons are available for those seeking a literal shift in viewpoint. Culinary delights will energise us over lunch together.

Before you decide to go on the journey, I offer you a 45-minute, non-binding preliminary talk.

This allows you to get to know me and gives me the opportunity to find out more about you and your needs.

These preliminary talks also allow me to assess group compatibility. After the trip, I offer you a 45-minute debriefing to reflect with you on what you have taken away. If you have any further questions, I will be happy to help you afterwards. 

If you would like an Intense time-out with me alone, we can arrange everything individually.

If you would like to create your own group, possibly consisting of your friends, please get in touch with me.

I am always ready to design an individual program for you!


You can find the next dates here.

The most important information at a glance:

Bei Gruppen inklusive

  • mindestens zwei 1:1 Coachings pro Teilnehmer 

  • tägliche Workshops für die Gruppe 

  • tägliche Entspannungsübungen

  • tägliche aktive Pausen (Boule, Schwimmen, Walk and Talk...)

  • tägliche kreative Übungen für deinen Perspektivwechsel

  • Auszeiten zur Selbstreflexion

  • zwei Jogastunden

  • köstliche Verpflegung mit regionalen Produkten

  • Shuttle vom Flughafen, oder TGV Bahnhof, hin- und zurück

Nicht enthalten:

  • Anreise und Unterkunft

  • Zusatzwünsche wie Massage, Wellness, Reiten...

* Deine Investition in Dich beträgt 1.650 €

Bei VIP Einzel- oder Paaraufenthalten inklusive

  • Unterkunft in unserem wunderschönen 200 qm großen Loft.

  • ein individuell auf Dich und deine Bedürfnisse abgestimmtes Programm (bestehend aus Coachings, Walk & Talk, Yoga oder Meditation,  Entspannungseinheiten, kreativen Übungen, auf Wunsch Wellness und Massagen)

  • köstliche Verpflegung mit regionalen Produkten

  • Shuttle vom Flughafen, oder TGV Bahnhof, hin- und zurück

Nicht enthalten:

  • Anreise

  • Zusatzwünsche wie Massage, Wellness, Reiten...

* Deine Investition in Dich passt sich ganz deinen                      Bedürfnissen an.

FIRST Impression

Location Information

The property is located in Haute Provence, in the lavender fields, surrounded by forests.

700 m² and 1 ha of land

2 Meeting Rooms


Barbecue & Boules Court

Riding Stables next door

Hot air balloon in 10 min.

          Parking          Wifi        Available hotels in 15 min.           Forcalquier: 5 min.  
          Marseille airport: 1 h.              TGV Aix en Provence: 0,75 h.
          Shuttle-Service from the airport or train station

Find Yourself is made for you if...

Du Dir ganz bewusst Zeit für Dich und deine Bedürfnisse nehmen möchtest.

Du mehr Klarheit, Orientierung und Selbstvertrauen gewinnen möchtest.

Du bereit bist, deinen Themen und Fragen selbst ehrlich zu begegnen.

Du wirklich etwas verändern willst und Dein volles Potential entfalten möchtest.


I look forward to seeing you!

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