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Leadership is currently undergoing a revolution!

The hype surrounding New Leadership is huge. But is everything NEW that shines according to NEW WORK?

There have always been excellent leaders as well as disastrous ones.
What is new, however, is that the opportunities to succeed with poor leadership are rapidly dwindling.
For the first time in a long time, we are experiencing a shift from an employer's market to an employee's market. This is shifting the balance of power, and the tip of the iceberg lies far behind the retirement of the baby boomers.


Today, a good leadership style is a basic prerequisite for employee recruitment and retention, and it makes a significant contribution to the success of the company.


Leadership quality is not learned overnight but involves a continuous development and learning process.


In addition to your specialist knowledge, creativity and transparent communication are core competencies for managers today in order to be able to react positively to change with agility, optimism, and resilience.
You are the role model that motivates and empowers employees.
You create a fear-free climate that inspires courage and innovation.


In this creativity workshop, we will look together at your issues, challenges, and possibly excessive demands.
We will analyze your situation, change your perspective, and develop options and solutions, strengthening you for further steps and opening up new scope for action.

If you want to lead your team in an emotionally intelligent, empathetic, supportive, empowering, and creative way—if you want to maximize the performance potential of your employees—then I am here for you!

Our topics:


Take on your oxygen mask first, then take care of others!


Empathy I Communication I Motivation I Lean- leadership I Self-organization


Purpose I

Transparency I Collaboration I Empowerment I Appreciation



Inspiration I

Creativity I Vision I Courage I
Recognize & implement Potential


Responsibility I

Roles I Structures I Processes I Decisions

The new era of leadership culture

Would you like to find out more?
Then I look forward to talking to you in person!

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