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1:1 Creative Coaching for Private Individuals

Yes, my focus is on executives.
So, why am I addressing you here as a private person?

Quite simply, private individuals also LEAD. You LEAD a family. You LEAD a partnership or marriage. You LEAD a life. Ultimately, you LEAD yourself.


In every one of these domains, there are peaks and valleys; disputes, adjustments, and moments of helplessness.

Maybe things in your personal or professional life are not going the way you would like them to. Maybe you'll need to make difficult or uncomfortable decisions. Maybe you have an inner block and feel like you are going around in circles. Maybe you're afraid to take a chance on a change because of worries, fears, or anxieties.

One way to "untie the knot" is to observe things objectively from the outside.

I help you assess your current circumstances with my creative coaching.

New perspectives from an external viewpoint can bring clarity to your situation. Through my creative coaching, I guide you in exploring your current circumstances from diverse angles. Together we will discover options and solutions that will give you the freedom to make changes or take a new path.

Activate your potential!

I will be happy to accompany you and look forward to a personal meeting with you!

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