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That's me

Creative thinker . Catalyst of ideas . Optimist . Curious . Passionate . Motivator . Empathic . Problem solver .

Nature lover .  Family and dog person

My Soft Skills

Positivity, creativity, flexibility and communication skills are part of my DNA.

Challenges motivate me in the most positive sense. "That's not possible" pushes me.
New things don't scare me.
I can think sharply and dissect problems. The edge of my plate is a springboard for me.


I like to quote the simple and therefore ingenious story of the suitcase with wheels.
It's a perfect example of the power of small changes. Robert Path revolutionized travel in 1987 by simply fitting two small wheels under a suitcase. This made the previous tedious lugging unnecessary and improved the quality of travel for billions of people. This story shows how creativity can use small 'tweaks' to create ground-breaking innovations.


Do you want or need to change something? You just don't know exactly how?

Then allow me to help you. I offer you idea generation, from the first impulse to realization.
Let's develop new perspectives, options and solutions together. 

I have a bag full of experience and suitable methods.


Life is full of possibilities and new perspectives make them visible!

My Hard Facts

For 14 years, I have enjoyed commuting between my hometown Düsseldorf and my adopted home in Provence. (see Teambuilding and Find Yourself workshop). 
This year, France will become my main place of residence. 

After graduating from high school, I studied communication sciences. During this time, my two wonderful daughters were born. 

I have been a professional artist since 1999 and have been Head of Creation at an agency in Düsseldorf since 2015. I led the creative team there until the end of 2022.  

I am a certified coach for creativity & innovation in change processes.
And I am passionate about it.

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