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1:1 Creative Coaching for future managers

Have you received a promotion and are you about to start working as a manager?


Would you like to carry on with your personal growth in order to meet the requirements for a management position already?


You are already exceptional candidates in both situations!

Due to the fact that only 60% of all leaders currently serving in this capacity have managerial training. Unfortunately, especially in this day and age, having professional expertise alone is insufficient to be a leader.

We examine your perception of your managerial role, your ideal leadership style, and your desired management approach during our coaching sessions.

Then, as equals, we work together to improve your analog and remote communication skills.

We examine conflict resolution and change management strategies, as well as soft skills like appreciation and empathy. We also practice managing our time and ourselves under pressure. We never forget who you are as an individual.


This coaching will ensure that you are prepared for all of your upcoming tasks!

Your Future Expertise as a Leader

Do you want to be prepared for the future? I am ready!
I look forward to talking to you in person.

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